About Us


It didn’t just begin with a one fine dream. The thought was always there, somewhere deep inside her and it was only a matter of time till it mushroomed into something tangible. Being connected with the grass roots of India, she always wanted to do something for rural Indian artisans, who have been struggling in all aspects of life since time immemorial.

From generations, these artisans have been the backbone of India’s non-farm rural economy. However, they have been subject to multiple persistent and inherent challenges like lack of awareness, lower education levels, low-income levels, lack of adequate transportation, no financial assistance, no technology support, geographical challenges, difficulty in taking their products to genuine customers for fair prices etc. These challenges play a fair role in their reluctance to pass on these skills to future generations. Many beautiful art forms and handicrafts of India are dying a slow death because of these problems that persist. The people who practice them find it easier to deviate to other avenues that have a bigger chance of giving them a better life.

The Government of India has emphasised enough on ‘Vocal for Local’, ‘Digital India’ and ‘One District One Product’, and with an added ease of doing business, this was the right time to turn her dreams into reality, bringing Surreal India to life. This project aims to connect Rural India to Urban and Sub-Urban India in a way that has not been done before. With sustainable urban products, that are created using rural handicrafts, Surreal India will try to bridge the gap that is widening every day, empowering rural artisans along the way. We also aim to promote the belief of environmental benefit of these low polluting industries, while focussing to strengthen individual artisans engaged in production by generating awareness about the value of their skill, educating the new generations to develop the taste of their legacies, train artisans continuously to upgrade their skills and product offerings.

The second chapter of Surreal India will push the boundaries forward and take Indian handicrafts all over the globe.

Our Vision: Reviving India’s various Art forms, Handicrafts and Reinvesting in the Crafts sector and offer tremendous opportunities to improve the economic, environmental, and social conditions of rural communities by taking their products to the Urban & Global markets.