Blue Pottery Evil Eye Coaster ( Set of 4)


Size : 3.5 Inches
Material: Blue Pottery
Pack contains 4 pieces of coaster

Evil Eye Coaster


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Blue Pottery originated somewhere in Mongolia and travelled eastwards to India with the Turks in the early 14th Century. Originally used in the form of tiles to decorate mosques, tombs, and palaces in Central India, blue pottery had its own journey of sorts within India. From architectural tiles, it metamorphosed into beautiful artefacts and vessels created by Indian potters of the era. It is believed that blue pottery reached Jaipur through Delhi, which remains a hub of blue pottery till date. The distinguishing factor of blue pottery is that it is made from quartz, not clay which makes it more versatile. The ultramarine blue colour is created using Cobalt Oxide and motifs span from various flora and fauna.


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