Sabai Grass Table Placements | Sabai Grass Circular Table Mats


Size : 10″
Material: Sabai grass and thread
Pack contains 1 piece

Sabai Grass table mat black and white


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Sabai Grass, growing wild in the forests of Odisha and West Bengal first caught the attention of British who found it strong enough to make ropes for military purposes. Since then, it has been fashioned into many products, as vast as an artisan’s imagination. From baskets, pots, wall décor to even small-scale furniture, the possibilities are endless. An eco-friendly alternative that looks great, can be easily dyed to create vibrant products, Sabai Grass products are a lovely extension of the past into current times. Weaving has been an intricate part of Indian handicrafts, and these small villages are keeping the tradition alive along with innovating the products to match world-wide demand.


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